Tree Reduction

Tree Crown Reduction in Surrey

Crown reduction is a service provided by Lanacre Tree Care in Surrey. Their professional tree surgeons regularly reduce trees in Surrey, an area full of vast countryside and therefore plenty of trees. Tree crown reduction is a popular service in areas where trees grow quickly as they will often need regular pruning to ensure the tree does not outgrow it's available space.

Why Tree Crown Reduction?

We are able to help you maintain your tree's natural shape and keep it at a safe height with our tree crown reduction services. There are several reasons to have the crown of a tree reduced, either to let more light through by reducing the density of the tree crown, if the tree is preventing other trees from growing or if the tree poses a safety risk

In more urban areas such as large towns and cities, it is common for overhead wires to run above houses which can be very dangerous for a tree to grow into these cables. Tree crown reduction ensures that a tree will not reach those wires, with regular pruning, which reduces the risk of fire.

Tree Reduction Services in Surrey

Lanacre Tree Care are in Caterham in Surrey, which means we are your local professional tree surgeons for the Surrey area. Towns such as Oxted and Redhill are requently visited by are professional tree surgeons in Surrey to maintain the beautiful countryside! We also often travel to villages such as Merstham and Nutfield which are in the Surrey countryside.

For more information about our tree reduction in Caterham, Redhill, Oxted and various other south-east locations please feel free to get in touch with us.

Tree crown reduction is also available from Lanacre tree surgeons in Kent and South London as well as Surrey.