Professional Tree Care in Reigate

Tree Care in Reigate

Lanacre Tree Care in Caterham provide tree care services in the Reigate area. They have proven to be highly-skilled and reliable when it comes to all professional tree care services in Reigate. Their tree surgeons offer best-in-class hedge reduction, hedgre trimming, tree pollarding and much more in the local area.

Professional Tree Surgeons in Reigate

There are a plenty of diverse trees in Reigate which all need caring for and Lanacre provide a wide set of services such as hedge trimming and tree reduction for all of your tree care needs. Lanacre Tree Care's professional tree surgeons in Reigate provide top class tree care for your complete piece-of-mind.

A tree surgeon must be highly skilled and expertly qualified to be able to work on trees. Trees can grow very tall, especially in the Reigate countryside. Common tree maintainance services in the area include tree reduction and tree pollarding. Our tree surgeons have more than 20 years experience in the industry and are therefore your go-to professional tree care specialists in Reigate.

Other services our tree surgeons in Reigate provide include:

Charity Christmas Tree Collections

Recently, Lanacre have started a Christmas tree collection/ disposal campaign to raise money for Naomi House & Jacksplace. We will collect and dispose of your tree in return for a £10 donation to the charity. You can read more about their work and how to make a donation here.

To read more about the tree care services provided by our professional tree surgeons in Reigate, Redhill, Caterham, Warlingham and Oxted, please see our what we do section. Our staff are more than happy to help, so please contact us if you have any questions to ask about our tree care services.